Monday, May 23, 2011


Surgery was a success and my little girl is breathing thru her nose!  I never dreamed I could get so teary eyed seeing my baby close her mouth and keep breathing!  Simply amazing.  We're still not out of the woods yet.  Her nose has to be irrigated every hour to keep it from getting blocked up as it heals.  She also needed a blood transfusion to get her hemoglobin levels up.  She doesn't look nearly as pale anymore which is a huge relief to her mama.  We're just hanging in there.  She's not ready to try nursing yet as her oxygen levels decrease whenever she gets moved around (her little nose still hurts quite a bit) so she still has a feeding tube, but she is back up to full feedings and no longer on an IV.  Everything seems to be moving along very well, but I don't think I feel relieved until she's home with us, nursing, being held in the wrap, and with me 24/7.  Then I'll probably have the good cry I need to get out, but just won't come.  Maybe I'll even start breathing again, although my little girl might need to give me a lesson or two.

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