Sunday, August 28, 2011

House Remodel

I just need to talk about something different.  So I thought I'd share our house remodel.  We found our house minutes after signing a 6 month lease on our apartment, so, after pushing the closing out 3 months, we had 3 months to work on it before moving in.  It happened to be just a couple streets over from our apartment, so it was an easy commute to do the work.  So here we go:

Here's how the house greeted us..oh yeah.  That's pink.  And burgundy...mulberry...cranberry.  Oh was it atrocious.  So painting it was obviously at the top of our priority list.  Well, it was kinda in the middle-ish.

The house doesn't look just like this anymore.  It's still tan, but since then we've finished painting the trim, ripped out the bushes, put in a new porch and door, replaced the nursery window, and reshingled the roof.  I should probably go take a new pictures, but that requires more effort than I'm currently willing to invest.

The living room:

Gorgeous isn't it?  The green shag carpeting is my favorite.

A little better?

Another view of the living room.

Here's where you can start to see the major renovations.  Ripping out walls and such.  When we told our new neighbors we were doing renovations, they thought we meant painting and new flooring.  No, when we say renovation, we mean it.

This house had so much wallpaper.  After I had gotten most of it off  in this room, we discovered we had to completely rip out all of these walls anyway.  So glad I wasted my time on it.

We've actually ditched the dining room table and made this area more of an office now.  We finally admitted that we don't entertain, as much as we want to and think we will.

This is probably the most dramatic before and after. 
 I absolutely love this kitchen. There was a long master bedroom that used to be two bedrooms and we took about half of that former third bedroom to enlarge the kitchen.  We also stole its window. (The other half of that bedroom became our master closet)  Those are actually the original cabinets.  My husband and father-in-law rebuilt a couple of them to make this configuration.
 A few details:

Our island top
My husband made this out of plywood.  Isn't it gorgeous? 

And the island base.

And this is an old barn door we found and painted.  I love the old door knob hole and keyhole.

I'll have to share the bedrooms, bathroom and basement another time.  Think "green shag carpeted walls" to envision the before.  :)

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Gretchen said...

I like how you put the lights behind Mason jars on top of your cabinets. Fun Idea. :)

And I hope we get to see more pictures sometime! What a lot you have done to this home!