Wednesday, April 6, 2011

37, I mean 33 1/2 week Update

Saw the doctor this morning and I discovered why everyone is giving me those shocked looks when I share that I have over 2 months to go: it's because I'm measuring nearly a month big!!!

oh, the classic bathroom mirror shot.  I hate doing this, but I was too lazy to set up a tripod, etc.

I measured big with my daughter, too, but never a whole month.  The doctor felt around and it really is simply because of the baby's position: kinda halfway between transverse and head down. Plus I'm carrying super high. My husband keeps teasing me that I'm gonna get stopped leaving the store for stealing a basketball.  The doctor seems to be a little too concerned about me having a 10 lb baby though.  I was a 10 lb baby.  My friend that is half my size had a 9 lb baby.  I assured him that I'm really not concerned about it one bit.  I need to really be diligent about the Spinning Babies positions though to make sure this little one does in fact go into the head down position. 

I've also come to a rather comforting conclusion: I gain a lot of weight during pregnancy no matter what.  I ate horribly with my daughter and gained about 60 lbs.  I'm eating very healthy this time (although I do have some sweets, though usually they're homemade and still rather healthy) and I'm gaining about the same as last time, maybe even a little more.  My doctor is (fortunately) not concerned.  We've talked about my diet and he says this is just genetics then.  This is simply what my body needs to do to grow a healthy baby.  It actually is kinda liberating in a way to discover this.  I think I can let go of the guilt I felt about "letting myself go" during the last pregnancy.  The way I ate added other complications, but gaining weight really wasn't one of them.  And I feel confident that with nursing two little ones, the weight will drop off quicker than it did before.  And if it doesn't? Oh well, I'll survive.

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